Queries on IMC (Week 3.1)

We discussed in class on how social media platforms have facilitated a more desired and sustainable way of building a positive brand image and promoting a favorable corporate reputation. IMC is seen as a “marriage” between marketing and public relation(PR) function of a company. From the discussion, I am still unclear on how IMC wouldContinue reading “Queries on IMC (Week 3.1)”

Discussion: criticism for social exchange theory?

During our class, we briefly talked about criticism for social exchange theory. Do you think social exchange theory is far-fetched in terms of its over-gerneralized description of users’ motivations for social media use? If so, what is your rationale? Otherwise, in what ways can this theory retain persuasive power? Can you provide any relevant examples?

Disscussion: Your thoughts on cultural imperialism?

Q: What do you think of cultural imperialism in terms of social media adoption? In the context of Singapore, some argue it is prevalent phenomenon where people tend to prefer Western-based social media (e.g.,Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instragram etc.) over local or Asian based social media (Wechat, Line or so). If you agree or don’t agree, whatContinue reading “Disscussion: Your thoughts on cultural imperialism?”