G1 Group 3 A Better Florist

Hello everyone! My group (G3) and I will be presenting on A Better Florist, and here’s an overview to get you excited!

A Better Florist is a Singapore-based self-funded flower e-Commerce startup founded by ex-Googler, Steve Feiner in May 2015. Steve saw an chance to disrupt the booming online floral retail industry, that was cluttered with exorbitant prices, stale products, and a dizzying array of boutiques and arrangement, and he took it. A Better Florist thus aims to differentiate itself with the unique value proposition of “giving and receiving flowers as a simple, affordable and beautiful experience”.

Considering that A Better Florist was founded less than a year ago, our group thinks that its accumulation of a relatively strong following on its Instagram and Facebook accounts are commendable. However, we have identified a lack of community engagement, reflected by infrequent updates and similarity in content to competitors’. As A Better Florist is in the business of selling products with strong emotional values, we believe that community engagement is a key success driver that will allow them to tighten relationship with existing customers and reach out to new segments. Through our surveys conducted, we were able to further assess behaviours and preferences of the target customer segment.

Based on results from our primary and secondary research, we have come up with 3 main objectives we aim to achieve with our recommended strategies:

  1. Improve A Better Florist’s brand awareness
  2. Provide A Better Florist and its customers with an effective feedback loop
  3. Increase the retailer’s social media following.

Our group also came up with a few long-term strategies  around the theme of “Happiness Guaranteed”, namely:

  • To restructure their usage of social media platforms;
  • “Share Your Story” initiative
  • Developing an effective feedback channel

For the restructuring of their usage of social media platforms, we would like to provide A Better Florist of a brief guideline of the main content of each individual platform to ensure that they are utilised effectively. As for the “Share Your Story” initiative, we would like to introduce an on-going video initiative where potential customers who have special occasions coming up will be invited to share their personal stories with the appeal of a possible free bouquet and filming of their special moments through blasts on all their social media platforms. A Better Florist will be selecting a story once every two weeks, working closely with the chosen participant to plan out their course of action before the actual execution of the surprise plan. An edited video will be subsequently uploaded to YouTube and shared on A Better Florist’s social media platform including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, while it’s an ongoing campaign, the frequency can be decreased after we get the initial impact so as not too tire out the audience.

Here’s a sneak peek of our proposed initiative shoutout:


Finally, for the development of a more effective feedback channel, customers will be guided to their “Talk To Us” page on their website to leave any feedback that they may have, in the delivery confirmation email after purchases. This is to ensure a centralised link between A Better Florist and its customers. Upon collating and reviewing the feedback, customers with positive reviews will be contacted and offered a discount off their next purchase while negative feedback will be addressed privately and immediately.

In conclusion, we believe that A Better Florist has the potential to achieve beyond what they have now and we hope that by magnifying the emotional aspect of their products, we will be able to successfully create an engaged community and consequently evoke top-of-mind recall of its brand when its target segment is making a purchase decision on flowers.

To learn more about our ideas, please look forward to our presentation in class! 🙂

Francesca, Sandra, Annabella, Dorab, Melissa


One response to “G1 Group 3 A Better Florist”

  1. ​Had an extremely bad experience buying from them. The sunflowers looked great when it arrived but to our horror, one of the stalk (biggest in size) was mended, held together with plastic wrap. Removing the plastic wrap revealed that the stalk was on the brink of breaking off. This unethical practice was feedback immediately to Steve and his team privately to seek resource. Gave them time to investigate but weeks passed with no action taken. Dropped a final email to indicate no more, which finally triggered an acknowledgement of lapse and offer of replacement. Never again. Take your money elsewhere because 1. their ethics are in question (still did not address why they patched up the breaking sunflower and nonchalantly send it to their customers) and 2. the smiles guarantee is laughable. http://i.imgur.com/QefQwkE.jpg


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