Hey guys, here’s a summary of our research on Singapore’s most well-known shoe company, Bata.

If you think that Bata is a local and cheap neighbourhood brand, boy you are so wrong. In fact, Bata is a large, global footwear manufacturer and retailer present in 90 countries and headquartered in Switzerland. So, before you think of Bata as a “Buy and Throw Away” brand, think about all that effort injected into these European styled shoes.

Noting that Singaporeans have a generally negative impression of the Bata brand, we decided to analyse Bata Singapore and attempt to come up with suggestions that can help improve its social media marketing efforts, which are currently weak and ineffective.

Despite Bata being a brand that targets various segments in the market, we feel that Bata can start off by focusing on a particular target audience when establishing a foothold on social media. Since Bata is particularly strong in its product offering for young children, with its Bubblegummers diffusion line and iconic white canvas school shoes, our proposed strategies aim to target the primary purchasers of children footwear. Through primary and secondary research, we uncovered that this group of primary purchasers are young mothers, aged below 40 with one or more children.

Research on young mothers provided us with the following findings:


With the selection and understanding of our target audience, we came up with the following objectives:

  1. Assist Bata in increasing its following by young mothers on social media platform
  2. Create engagement opportunities for young mothers on Bata’s social media platforms
  3. Establish brand trust among young mothers in the Bata brand

Hence, to meet our objectives, we propose that Bata ramps up its social media efforts with the key message of being a brand for families, promoting togetherness and positioning itself as a dependable partner in consumers’ family life. This underlying message connects the proposed strategies, which fall under a newly introduced theme titled Bata Families.

Our suggested strategies will be specific to each platform, by concentrating on three social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: #batafamilies discount promotion to inform and attract
  2. Instagram: #batafamilies contest and pass-it-along strategy to encourage sharing and interaction
  3. Bata Mobile Application: user forums, loyalty points and featured bloggers

To conclude, our research aims to assist Bata in building up their social media presence by targeting the young mothers in Singapore. We believe that with our suggestions, Bata can utilise the power of social media and realise its underdeveloped potential to be young mothers’ preferred footwear brand for their children.

We look forward to sharing more about our project with you!

Group members:
Crystal Soh, Nguyen Son Nam, Tan Mei Yu Irina, Tran Que Hien and Yew Shu Hui Amanda

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