Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and good luck for your upcoming examinations!

In this blog post, I would like to share my individual project with you. I have chosen Wild Wild Wet (WWW) as my organization and I have analyzed its three social media sites, namely: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

A brief introduction about WWW

WWW is a waterpark run by NTUC Club, a part of the Singapore Labour Union with its aim to provide affordable recreational facilities for Singaporeans. In year 2015, WWW is rated by Trip Advisor as the 10th best waterpark in Asia. The reason is clear as at the price of $24/entry, visitors can enjoy its up-to-date facilities as its last renovation was in year 2013. Visitors can also look forward to 2 more new rides that are going to be launched this year.

Research question

Social media is extremely helpful for the hospitality industry as it has the ability to feature intangible experiences and generate word-of-mouth marketing. This brings me to my research question: How effective is WWW, being a waterpark (intangible experience) leverage on social media to utilize its brand loyalty and reputation through the use of social media?

Research Methods and findings

To answer my research question, I have developed a framework to track WWW’s three social media accounts and I present my findings:

Social media accounts Content Type Frequency of Posts Number of likes/shares/


Quality of response


Too varied No consistent pattern Low likes and shares in proportion to followers Inconsistency in quality of response

(Downtown East)

Reposts and contests No consistent pattern Low organic likes. Likes increase to about 500 with prize incentives Inconsistency in quality of response


Feature of waterpark rides No consistent pattern Low following and likes No engagement/response

In general, WWW makes an effort to engage with its followers on social media but user engagement can be improved in order to increase its brand loyalty and reputation.


As such, I propose a Labour Day Campaign utilizing 3 of the social media accounts to:

  1. Drive traffic to the social media accounts through personal invites and free-entry at WWW via Facebook

Current Facebook followers will receive e-invites for free-entry at WWW on Labour Day. They will also be asked, “Want your friends and family to celebrate Labour Day at WWW? Invite them to like WWW’s Facebook Page for free-passes!”

  1. Increase and leverage on user-generated content through #workhardplayharderatWWW on Instagram

“Hashtag and collect free instant photos!”

  1. Increase brand ownership and loyalty through Video montage for end-of-campaign video on YouTube

Videos submitted by event participants will be made into a video montage.

With these suggestions, hopefully WWW will be able to give the brand a personal touch to increase its brand loyalty and reputation.

That’s the end of my entry! Hope you have enjoyed reading it!


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