G2 – Individual Research – Haagen-Dazs, Kit Kat and Oreo


Hi everyone,

For my individual research, I have chosen four things I love: chocolate, ice cream, cookies and Facebook, and the brands are Kit Kat, Haagen-Dazs and Oreo (I don’t think they need further introduction, right?). For the assignment, I analyzed their Singapore’s page, except for Oreo, that only have a global account.

My research question was “How effectively Haagen-Daza, Kit Kat and Oreo use Facebook to engage users in order to maintain them as loyal fans in Singapore?”. I chose that because they are the top brands of their category, but I wanted to understand why and how they keep that level, specifically in Singapore, since that’s where we live.

After that, I went to the Data Collection, which was from February 28th to March 28th. During that period I could notice a lack of engagement from the brands followers, so with the objectives of generate WOM effect and increase the level of engagement, I came up with three strategies specifically for Kit Kat.

The first one was to create a contest on Facebook with the hashtag #mybreakSG, where people would post a picture or video of their break from studies or work and share with their friends. The winner would get limited edition flavors of Kit Kat.

The second strategy was the Break Day, an event which the public would pick up the attractions based on a survey on the Kit Kat Facebook’s page. On the day, besides those attractions, there would be F&B with Kit Kat products.


The last strategy was to “promote” their loyal fans as Brand Ambassadors. Through the #mybreakSG campaign, Kit Kat would track the consumers that post pictures or videos even after the contest is over, showing their continuous love for the brand. They would be invited to share their experiences with the chocolate, but they wouldn’t know the criteria Kit Kat used to pick them, so there wouldn’t be spam.


Miriam S. Hirano

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