OH CHA CHA (G1 – Group 7)

Hellooo there! Samantha here, representing Group 7 (Shandy, Jing Yi, Jeslyn & Mary). Here’s a brief recap of our project for those of you who missed it ūüôā

Get Ready
For a long post ahead…

Who is OH CHA CHA?

OH CHA CHA (OCC) is a premium tea specialist from Taiwan, which aims to provide delicious experiences for tea lovers from natural and fresh ingredients. Cheese Tea, Fruit Tea and various Milk Teas are just some of the unique offerings available on the menu.

I know what you’re thinking… “ugh another bubble tea store?” — WRONG! It’s not just¬†any¬†tea store. Each cup is individually brewed to order, and handmade with love, and the quality shows (I can vouch for this cuz it really tastes amazing and fancy af). The¬†first Singapore outlet is opening very soon, and is set to be located in Yishun **shameless plug: please go support them**.¬†

So what’s the problem?

Apart from every single one of you (as you are now officially informed of this awesome new store) there is relatively low brand awareness in the market. On top of that, there’s fierce competition from fan favourites such as Koi, LiHO, Gong Cha (soon), and younger upcoming brands such as Play Made, R&B Tea and Partea.

What can we do about it?

Long story short, we all know the goal of this class, so *shockingly* we’re going to recommend various social media strategies to strengthen their brand awareness, engagement and hopefully build a community. This is expanded upon below in the message house:

Message House

We conducted a survey which revealed various insights, but I won’t bore you with the details of that. In a nutshell, according to consumers, the most effective platforms to market products are Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

As such, we’ll be launching the various strategies in 3 phases (Month 1-2, Month 3-4, Month 5-6) via those 3 platforms.

All of our strategies are in line with the premium look and feel of OH CHA CHA’s brand DNA, some of which are highlighted in the slideshow below, along with a possible promotional video:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These phases have been broken down further into each step, with a brief description of the goals.

In Phase 1:

  1. YouTube: Introductory Video
    • To introduce the brand, build a following, increase traffic to store
  2. In-store focus: Tea-tree (hand pick leaves) #OhMyCha
    • Show that each tea is ‘hand-picked with love’, drive repeat sales
  3. Facebook: Contest (take and post a photo with the tree)
    • Increase engagement, bridge the gap between in-store and social media

In Phase 2:

  1. YouTube: Phase 1 wrap up video
    • Instill a sense of attachment, engage customers by thanking them
  2. Facebook: Live emoticon polling
    • Increase exposure to Facebook page, promote new products

In Phase 3:

  1. Instagram: Tea Matching Contest
    • Educate customers about OCC’s offerings, boost Instagram followers

Ok that’s it from us! There’s actually a tonne more info, but this post is getting way too long ūüė¶

If you would like to find out more about our background research, social media strategies, and details of possible shortcomings, as well as how their success can be measured, check out our slides and report on available on e-Learn!

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