G1 Individual Project, Airports

Happy week 15, all! For my individual project, I looked at the Facebook pages of Changi Airport, Heathrow Airport and Frankfurt Airport over a two-week period in March 2016. These three airports were chosen because they all rank in the top 15 of the Skytrax awards and are known to many to have utilized theirContinue reading “G1 Individual Project, Airports”

G1, Group 4 – BreadTalk Project Summary

G1 Group 4 – BreadTalk Hi everyone, Our group would like to give you a brief preview of our suggestions for BreadTalk’s social-mediated crisis management strategies. What is BreadTalk? BreadTalk is an established Singaporean bakery known for its innovative and artisanal bread. On top of bread, its stores feature other products such as jam, cakesContinue reading “G1, Group 4 – BreadTalk Project Summary”

Social Media Marketing

Hi all, A couple of weeks back, Prof Shim shared with us the blurring lines between marketing and communications, and this article, Is Social Media Marketing Still Relevant?, is pretty insightful on some of the things organizations should look at before exploring marketing via social media. One of the points in this article that caughtContinue reading “Social Media Marketing”