G1 Individual Project – Coors Light

Hi Class and Prof! Here is my research on the American beer brand Coors Light. Hope you enjoy! Background Coors Light is an American light pale lager brand with a deep history. The brand’s roots can be traced back to over 140 years ago, to its founder, Adolph Coors. Adolph had a deep passion forContinue reading “G1 Individual Project – Coors Light”

G1 Group 7 – The Body Shop

Hi prof and fellow classmates! My group will be presenting to you our research and social media strategies for The Body Shop. Please have a look at our outline below. Background The Body Shop was founded in 1976. The founder, Dame Anita always ensured that her cosmetic products were not tested on animals and wasContinue reading “G1 Group 7 – The Body Shop”