Anonymity: More Good or Bad?

Hi class, I was very intrigued when Professor shared more about online anonymity and wanted to know more about other’s thoughts on it. However, as there was limited time, I have decided to source for everyone’s opinions through the class blog. In my opinion, criminals that use it to do harm are not as anonymousContinue reading “Anonymity: More Good or Bad?”

Social Media Chatbots: The Future of Communication

A few weeks back, I mentioned this phenomenon on Chatbots and how it enables brands to connect to consumers through messenging apps (such as Facebook Messenger) instead of social media, and how it is an essential part of reshaping the social economy. After skimming through the internet, I have found the following points to be quiteContinue reading “Social Media Chatbots: The Future of Communication”

G2 – What Flavour Do You Favour?

Hi guys! Thought I would share one of my favourite campaigns by Cadbury that used social media in a fun and creative way to raise awareness for its Dairy Milk brain in Australia. Challenge Cadbury was facing: Chocolate industry was getting increasingly saturated and Cadbury was not doing enough to sell its Dairy Milk brand, which was henceContinue reading “G2 – What Flavour Do You Favour?”