Alex and Ani (By Amira Liyana, G1)

Alex and Ani (A&A), founded in 2004 by Carolyn Rafaelian, was built around her core beliefs in positive energy, symbolism and spirituality. It specializes in manufacturing, designing and selling jewellery such as necklaces, rings and their signature expandable bangles. A&A embodies a unique business model that incorporates corporate consciousness in every direction. Believing in the power of giving, it channels resources to charity organizations and initiated Charity By Design (CBD), a campaign encompassing the idea of spreading positive energy globally.


My research paper compromises of 2 research questions:
Research Question #1: How is Alex and Ani presently using its social media platforms to garner support for its philanthropic efforts?

Research Question #2: How is Alex and Ani engaging its customers, thus creating an affinity for the brand?

I will be examining and analysing only 3 of A&A’s SMPs. I have chosen to focus on its Facebook- and Instagram page as well as its YouTube channel. The rationale for choosing those 3 platforms is because of the differing engagement levels and the drastic variation in the number of Facebook page likes, Instagram followers and YouTube channel subscribers.


Below is an infographic that capture the essence of my research project.

untitled-infographic (2)


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